Global upstream operations continue to be more difficult: from greenfields to brownfields, and oil sands to deep water. Performance improvement across drilling, production and oil field services requires a deep understanding of the operational drivers and execution details necessary to solve people, process, organization and technology challenges. Our ability to identify and deliver value quickly is what distinguishes us from other management consultants.

The rising cost per mile and the potential reduction in volumes transmitted in midstream have resulted in severe budget strains, cost overrun, lagging profits and lower return on projects. We assist midstream companies and their partners improve their operational efficiencies by providing services that optimize your strategies, organization, processes and supporting systems.

Managing molecules across supply & trading, refining, product distribution, commercial, wholesale and retail marketing, is a difficult stochastic challenge. Our downstream experience allows us to help clients improve operational capabilities within each functional segment and across assets. We drive to overall value chain profitability by integrating operations, calibrating disparate cycle times, and adjusting decision architectures.

Financial regulatory and compliance requirements make managing risk a challenge and difficult to maintain strategic ability, while also remaining competitive to capturing market opportunities. We offer decades of experience in supply, trading and risk management for companies needing guidance on business strategy, organization, processes and supporting systems.

Delfina Govia

Partner & Upstream Practice Lead

Matt Schuetz

Partner & Midstream Practice Lead

Mike Burger

Partner & Downstream Practice Lead

August Al-Uqdah

Partner & Supply and Trading Practice Lead

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